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Zimmer YAM

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Ohel Nehemiah Synagogue 09-8613253 / Rabbi Akiva 1, Netanya Beit El Synagogue - Yemeni "Shami" 37 Neve Shalom Street, Netanya

The separate beach

The separate beach in Netanya has undergone a comprehensive renovation that includes: arranging steps down to the beach, renovating the structure of the toilets and changing rooms, upgrading the separation fence and the lifeguard tower, renovating the shade sheds and fitness facilities. For the enjoyment of the bathers, there is a strictly kosher kiosk, first aid, supervision, and rescue services. The beach is open for bathing in the summer until Sukkot.

Arrival map

Arrival lines : Jerusalem 407 | Beit Shemesh Metropolis 624 | Elad 270 | Bnei Brak 612, 613, 614 | Beitar 177 Learn more: Egged | Information on public transport lines: * 8787 Moshe Taxi: 054-692 70 10 Laniado Narkis Taxi : * 6666 / * 2222: Darmon Taxi (Netanya - Jerusalem) : 053 316 85 55/050 574 27 90:

פלאפל בשכונה / Falafel Bashouna

(3 minutes walk from the Zimmer) in Ein Hatchelet Agdoud ahivri 22 Ein Hatchelet every Sunday-Thursday between 10:00 and 20: 00 tel: 052-357-0400

Italian Restaurant | Alonzo (Halavi Kosher Lemehadrin)

(Thirty minutes walk ) Kikar aatzmaout 13, Netanya 09-7996267

הרשי פיצה /Hershey Pizza

Kosher pizzeria Divrei Chaim 20, Netanya 072-2557557

שערי חסד / Shaare Hessed

Divrei Chaim 4 Netanya 09-8841741

יריד אוכל לשבת / Katering for Shabbath

Every weekend, the Gali Sanz Hotel in Netanya hosts a Shabbat food fair, which offers a rich culinary experience of many types of meats, a variety of fish, toppings and salads in honor of Shabbat, in elegant kosher, we branded and designed the complex, signage for stalls and stickers for all products, and of course the The compelling publicity. Impressive success was recorded in »E! You are also welcome to taste and order: 09-9531727 |

סופר בשכונה / Super Bashouna

Supermarket Agdoud Aivri 22, Netanya 09-8828008

עט לכתוב

Garden Equipment and toys Bnei Issachar 3 Netanya Phone: 09-7794312